Well…wafatnya pembalap Honda Gresini, Marco Simoncelli… meninggalkan duka yang mendalam bagi dunia balap motor Internasional.. Super Sic wafat setelah mengalami kecelakaan fatal pada lap ke-2 motoGp Sepang, Malaysia yang digelar hari minggu 23 Oktober 2011… Sic wafat karena luka dibagain kepala,leher, serta dadanya… Super Sic wafat pada usia 24 tahun… 😦

Bagi kamu yang pingin memberi ucapan bela sungkawa, bisa ikutan di TRIBUTE MARCO SIMONCELLI…

Nih.. ucapan bela sungkawa dari dunia Internasional buat Super Sic… (klik disini)

Farewell Super Sic… #58 Rest In Peace.. most aggresive rider… 😦

2 responses

  1. just rest in peace in the heaven there Super “58” Sic.
    although many riders who do not like you, but you are still one of the best rider ever in MotoGP.
    all who do not like are those who fear the power and your greatness.
    you are an aggressive rider, fierce and very talented.
    if you do not go, maybe you’re the replacement for the foolish living legend Valentino Rossi.
    all your action and greatness we will never forget.
    you will be forever in our hearts and minds.
    MotoGP would not be interesting anymore without you.
    once again, goodbye forever Marco “58” Simoncelli my hero.

    and for the silly, ignorant, foolish valentino “46” rossi, if you’re really his best friend, how could you keep it ride while you see your friend lying helpless on the track??????
    how could you let your best friend lying dead on the track without you help??????
    What did you think of when seeing your friend lying on the track??????
    Can’t you forget about the race and stop the bike and help your friend??????
    is it true you’re really his best friend, dumb??????
    You deserve it collapsed so far this year, because you only think about yourself.
    selfish basis.

    I have seen videotape over and over again, and it turns out you’re the one suspect who had killed Marco Simoncelli by grinding his head until his helmet broke.
    You are your own best friend killer.
    VR46 foolish.
    I hope you regret so much and feel guilty for having lost your own best friend forever, VR46 foolish.


  2. @boy: you’re very stupid, rossi already try to avoid simoncelli by leaning his bike so hard to the right, but because the speed of the bike is not possible to avoid it. You can see it on the replay. And also, to help another bikers is not another biker’s job. He can make the injure worse, or even make himself killed by running around on the race track.
    Anyway, Rossi look back and slowing his motorcycle, he was not intended to continue the race.


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